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Hermes arrived at a small islet, where a mermaid was. Her upper body was like a beautiful female human and her tail like a fish, and her leg line was far more beautiful than any female human being.
She held the harp and began to play music that was hard to think of as something of this world.

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  • Erika Kawashimo

    harpist Erika Kawashimo Born in Tokyo, raised in Kobe. Starts the Harp at the age of seven. Graduates from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music. '96 Performed at the dinner of former British Prime Minister Thatcher. '97 Performed at the dinner of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir. '99 Performed at "JBBY Andersen Award Ceremony" Michiko Japanese Empress participated in. '02 Composed "The Legend of Mermaid 100 pieces". '06 Harp CD "The Legend of Mermaid.Special"released and presented to Michiko Japanese Empress. '13 Harp CD "The Legend of Mermaid 100 pieces"released and presented to Michiko Japanese Empress.

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