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A new storm of melodic death metal is sweeping through! Alphoenix will release their highly anticipated new song, "The Jester Bird"!

"The Jester Bird" incorporates a modern interpretation into the preferences of traditional melodic death metal, creating a song where dark and emotional elements are skillfully fused.

This track features a special guest guitar solo by Kouta, the guitarist of Thousand Eyes, whose powerful phrases add a new dimension to the band's sound. Additionally, the production includes the participation of the well-known engineer in the metal scene, Jonas Kjellgren (ex-Scar Symmetry). His outstanding skills contribute to further enriching Alphoenix's music.

Don't miss the release of "The Jester Bird," which opens up a new horizon in melodic death metal by blending the old and the new.

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The Jester Bird

Apple Music • The Great Eastern Fakekill

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The Jester Bird

iTunes Store • Metal TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 31 Jan 2024

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The Jester Bird

Spotify • All New Metal • 3 Feb 2024

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  • Alphoenix

    Thor (Vo) and Shimpei (G & Vo), who were members of the melodic death metal band Myproof that disbanded in 2013, along with Bitoku (B), the founder of the metalcore band Sailing Before The Wind, and Yuki (G) with a background in activities with Sailing Before The Wind and Prompts, formed the band. They began their activities in 2015, and in 2017, Shohei (Dr), a former member of Serenity In Murder, joined the band.

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