1. petal

The begging of summer 2019, Culenasm is going to release their first single.
The iconic balance of the beautifully floating chorus and the roaring guitar sound will wrap you with a babble dream story drawn by the female singer Moe's emotional voice.
This single [Hanabira(petal)]will lead you to a new lyrical shoe gaze sound.


Culenasm is a rock band made of four friends from a university in Fukuoka in March 2018. They have been performing mainly in Fukuoka city with their sound influenced by 'Shoegaze' and 'Dream Pop'. They use strong words so their songs burn into your mind and remind you of scenes' past from just one listen. Their songs can be sweet and clear with a beautiful lead voice which leads us to their pale world and takes us on a journey through the music. With each concert they play, they improve and evolve! They have decided to participate in "Ringo Music Festival" after only a month of being a band! In addition, they were featured in 'Nagasaki Sky Jamboree Festival TWENTIETH THE EVE'. Culenasm is a striking and unique rock band that creates a new great sensation in today's lively rock scene in Kyushu.

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