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イラストレーター てらおかなつみが絵を描き、作曲家 辻林美穂が音楽を書いて、一緒に物語を作りました。今回のお話は、「プリンをつくろう」。だいすきなお菓子屋さんに、レシピをおしえてもらった!みんなでつくるプリンは、きっとおいしくなるね。さぁ、うまくできるかな?

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  • Miho Tsujibayashi

    Miho Tsujibayashi (tsvaci) is a Japanese singer, songwriter from Shizuoka. Her music was first picked up by a Ryuichi Sakamoto radio and started live performances. Tomggg - a popular track maker in Japan - offered Miho as a singer for 1st EP "Butter Sugar Cream" and now this song has been shared by more 350K listeners. Her first album was released in 2016, and second album was released on Sep in 2019.

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