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Pocket Phantom's second consecutive subscription release "Until the time limit"
This is the 11th original song for Pocket Phantom (also the 11th song for the subscription service)
It is a rock song with Noa Tsukuyomi, who is in charge of yellow, as the main vocalist.
Please enjoy Tsukuyomi's high tone voice.

I would be happy if you could dance and wave your hands along while listening to the chorus.

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    Formed in June 2018. "Pocket Phantom" is also known as "Pokefan". A five-member idol group consisting of Ai Tsukuyomi, Mito Matsuoka, Hiyori Nagumo, Misaki Mizusawa, and Rina Arihara. Officially started activities in January 2019. Currently active mainly in the Kanto region with original songs (37 songs). He held his first one-man live at Kawasaki Serbian Night in March 2019. At the time, the venue was packed to capacity despite the two original songs. 2nd one-man live at Shibuya FREEDAM in December 2020 (tickets sold out) The first CD (Bokura no MUSIC, Ainouta) will be released from April to May 2021. In 2022, they will release their 2nd CD (Seishun Pocket, NOT ALONE, Pa Pa Pa!) and 3rd CD (Bitter & Sweet, NEVER ENDING STORY). 3rd Onema Live at Tsukimi Kimisofu in August 2021 (tickets sold out) 4th one-man live at Yokohama Minato Mirai Bronte in October 2022. 5th one-man live at Harajuku Strobe Cafe in November 2023 (tickets sold out) In 2024, we plan to sell (distribute) CDs and subscriptions for the first time in two years. Of course, the performance is a heartwarming and passionate live show where you can feel the bond between the five members.

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