Brainwash place

  1. brainwash (intro)
  2. HIGH (feat. honoto)
  3. Do you like? (feat. young jigga boy)
  4. hypnotist (feat. lapis)
  5. Salad bowl (feat. ICARUS)
  6. Jack The Ripper (feat. hitomilk & lapis)
  7. GetMeHoes (feat. ARAN)
  8. Talkin About... (feat. SLEAZY)
  9. City neon (feat. neclo boy)
  10. Girl (feat. SeUfRain)
  11. Remeo (feat. Lacus sanii)
  12. Brain washing! (feat. shouchan The S Carti)
  13. All my hope is gone! (feat. shouchan The S Carti)



Born in 1998 japan Producer Beatmaker

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