Joe's Chicken N Waffles

  1. Chicken
  2. Coke
  3. Mashed Potatoes
  4. Waffle
  5. Hot Sauce
  6. Pancakes
  7. French Fries
  8. Buttermilk Biscuit
  9. ice Cream
  10. Joe's Chicken N Waffles

This is a BeatTape produced by a well known rapper Kojoe from Japan. It will be his first BeatTape as a beat maker. He's known for his bilingual style of rap and has exchanged verses with Raekwon, Styles P, Talib Kweli, Jeangrae and many more.
The sound is not typical LoFi HipHop BeatTape. You can definitely hear the raw sound with NY influence all over it where he spent most of his adulthood.
I guarantee you will enjoy the Tape.
I strongly suggest you to visit his sound diner "Joe's Chicken N Waffles" to fulfill your apatite.


Born in Niigata and raised in Queens, New York, Kojoe kickstarted his career in 2007 when he contracted with a New York independent label RAWKUS. Following his participation in the compilation project "Rawkus 50 Mixtape Vol.1", the label soon saw its doors shuttered indefinitely, and after returning to Japan in 2009, Kojoe; blending English and Japanese, performed amongst several artists using his high-skilled rap styles. Thus, establishing a unique presence in the Japanese scene with his completely independent style. Kojoe's success continued to grow as he received overwhelming support from peers, thrusting his career forward as he released works under various names and labels and expanded his outreach through links with OLIVE OIL and 5lack. November 2017 brought the release of his album titled "here". Highly evaluated, "here" comprised a variety of guest appearances spanning across multiple regions, generations, and crews such as 5lack, ISSUGI, BES, FEBB, MUD, and OMSB; as well as AKANE and Awich on the year's leading Japanese rap anthem, "BoSS RuN DeM". The release party at Shibuya WWW X, including many of these guest appearances, received an exceptional response, with OLLIE magazine featuring the event across 10 pages. "here" also demonstrated his talent as a mix engineer, earning Kojoe a feature on the cover of the magazine "Sound & Recording". In 2018, the album "2nd Childhood" was released at a remarkable speed of 9 months following the previous project. Demonstrating not only rap, but a further polished beat and production skill over his previous work as well. 2019 has already seen the launch of the new project "DemoTape". A cassette tape produced venture by Kojoe with BUPPON and ¥ellowBucks, requiring one-shot rap and REC skills. With future works by other artists certain to be on the way. Kojoe simply does not stop pushing forward and all focus will be placed on his next move in 2019.

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