1. JOGET

Indonesian Yosakoi Naruko Dance [Hyakka Ryoran] and deneb collaboration song.
The title is "JOGET!" In Indonesian and "Dance!" In Japanese.

People have their own dreams and goals.

You have to work hard to realize that dream, or things that give up on the way come, but if you overcome it, happiness and fun are waiting!

Also, it will be fun if not only one person but also everyone overcomes it!

Such message is included.
A song produced as a company song by an advertising agency in Osaka.
Working with the idea in the rough waves of society that occur one after another. And friends.
A light song that incorporates gospel elements into a soulful taste.


Shinji Tachibana the "melody, such as overturned toy box" that is in the, play in a variety of rhythm and colorful melody members. Warm and watch straight lyrics such as bubbles is, involving the modest main melody that remains in the ear to create the Tachibana. Warez in the form of bands, playing talking alone, chorus-filled me singing, and percussion-filled acoustic troops ..., is a band like that any, even in the form rush to transform "squadron mono Hero". Delicate guitar entering to sew is a bold, magical alter the toy box of Tachibana to the amusement park. Base, such as a roller coaster ride of melody. Drum, such as representing the human emotion to play in the country of dreams. Note who jump up and down in the percussion. To POP dream of world toy box "deneb" is invites.

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