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Born in a cradle, raised in a graveyard, BAND "Relents" representing the general public Their new sound source with the activity theme "adventure and challenge" from 2023 to 2025 is here again Revolution! ! No matter what world we live in, no matter what era we are born in, the song Wonderful World was written with the theme of living life to the fullest in our own way. Sing and dance! ! Again, a must-listen work in 2023, no doubt! ! From MAYSON's PARTY, Ryo Kobayakawa, who plays the role of a composer for SAKI, Moe, and Relents, participates in the horn section! !

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  • Relents

    who! Stop these guys! After "hope and spirit" comes "adventure and challenge" Born in a cradle, raised in a graveyard, representative of ordinary people Splendid performance of a song that uniquely interprets Punk After successfully completing USATOUR and ONEMAN in 2022, the theme of their activities is Two trips around the Japanese archipelago and overseas expansion HI!! MR. JAPONECIAN TOUR from February to April 47 prefectures TOUR from June to February 2023 In July, Don't miss their movements!

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