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An instrumental mini-album composed by Takayuki Mori, who has provided music to idols and Junichi Yamamoto (ex. Hikaru GENJI), and played by Akiko Sato on the piano. A sound source mastered by Tomonobu Hara, who produces suneohair and Quruli!

Artist Profile

  • Takayuki Mori

    I was born in Tokyo, and grew up in Kichijoji, Tokyo listening to popular Japanese and Western music. Upon being inspired by the top charts in both Japan and the US, I started making my own music. Later, I started writing music and lyrics for 'idols' and other popular Japanese entertainers, DJing in clubs around Japan, and providing dance music for rappers and singers. Today I continue to work in the music industry by providing music and songs to all sorts of idol groups and musical artists, starting with Junichi Yamamoto (formerly known as Hikaru GENJI), creating jingle and BGM for radio stations, and working with other various commercial music and sound effect productions.

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