Good Bye High Heels (feat. SHINKU-HOROU)

  1. Good Bye High Heels (feat. SHINKU-HOROU)

Producer DJ duo ANIMAL HACK born to the streaming generation and "Akito Matsumoto (SHINKU-HOROU)" collaborate to release a "Sad Love Dance Track" on April 3, 2019.


ANIMAL HACK are a producer duo which consists of MASAtO and YUtA, based in Tokyo. Suddenly appearing in 2016 and mastering the platform of music streaming, they built their careers and increased their listeners both domestically and abroad. In addition to their dance music, their personal essence and background, songs symbolizing SNS and the streaming era are topics of their music. Recently, "Franny" was elected by Apple Store Shibuya branch renewal movie. Following this, "Pressure" was chosen for Apple Music Japan 's "100 best songs in the world representing 2018". As well as music production and producing work, handling the visual side and artwork is all done by ANIMAL HACK.

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