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The magic of sparkling love

iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • Thailand • TOP 4 • 10 Mar 2024

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  • manico

    Born in Kobe City 20-year-old university student born on October 18 148cm Just after entering high school, she performed "Kenshi Yonezu / Lemon" at the school festival. The video of her performance was uploaded to YouTube, and she was described as having a "miraculous voice" and "the voice of an angel," which attracted attention from various media. The video of the school festival has been viewed more than 20 million times on YouTube, making it one of the most viewed videos of a school festival singing ever. She started her own YouTube during her high school days, saying, "If only there was a chance for people to listen to my songs..." With no knowledge of YouTube, she learned how to record and make videos at home through trial and error, and posted about 100 cover songs in her three years of high school. In the future, she would like to release not only cover songs but also original songs. I hope that the sounds and lyrics played by manico will touch the hearts of as many people as possible.

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