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toi toy toi はトイピアノをメインとしてトイ楽器やさまざまな鍵盤楽器をあやつるトイピアノカルテット。

メンバーは、多数のテレビアニメや映画のサウンドトラックを手がける他、クラムボンミトやテクノボーイズの松井との音楽制作ユニット「TO-MAS 」俳優、石川由依との新プロジェクト「UTA-KATA」参加など活動は多岐にわたる伊藤真澄。


映像の音楽や数多くのCM音楽を手掛けながら、新作「飛び葉 」を画家の山口洋佑のアートワークと共に発表したBabi。



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  • toi toy toi

    toi toy toi is a toy piano quartet that mainly deals with toy pianos and toy instruments and various keyboard instruments. In addition to working on numerous soundtracks for TV animations and movies, the members are involved in activities such as music production unit "TO-MAS" actor with Clam Bon Mito and Techno Boys Matsui, and new project "UTA-KATA" with Yui Ishikawa. Masumi Ito who covers a wide range. Kotlingo has been highly acclaimed for his solo album releases and live performances, as well as a lot of music for the movie "In this corner of the world (and many more)", TV dramas and animations. Babi released a new work "Chinoiserie" along with the artwork by painter Yosuke Yamaguchi, while working on the music for images and many commercials. There is Rie Ryohara who plays various genres as an accordionist, has a deep knowledge of toy musical instruments, and is also the author of "Toy Musical Instruments Book". "Chant" was released as an ED theme for the TV anime "Alice and Kuroroku" in April 2017 after participating as a player in the play of "Flip Flappers" and "Kobayashi Sanchi no Mai Dragon".

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