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A song included in valknee's 1st album. Released version with KAMIYA as guest performer.

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  • valknee

    Valknee is a rapper based in Tokyo. The single "Zoom" released in May 2020 attracted attention not only from hip-hop fans but also from a wide range of people, and together with the members who participated in the song, they worked as "Zoomgals". The EP "vs." released in July 2023 was featured on Pitchfork. Appeared on "RAPSTAR 2023" distributed by Abema TV. She also provides music to idols such as Ayaka Wada, REIRIE, and lyrical school. She was in charge of the theme song and music direction for the movie "#Mito" (2023, starring Tina Tamashiro), which was aired nationwide last summer.

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