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This is a posse cut produced at the Summer Camp held by WAVE NRG, a label that has produced many popular young artists.

The camp was held in the summer of 2023 at a certain location in Japan, and gathered five young under-25 rappers (MELLMWOR1D, Ym3boi, Ja³Da, D-RAM, and Jo junior) and label WAVE NRG founder and producer DR. SWING, the label's founder and producer.

In this project named "WAVE NRG Summer Camp 2023," everyone enjoyed a barbecue and sushi dinner at an old house with a garden in the wilderness, and then went into production with the best VIBES, using a Laptop PC, audio interface, microphone, monitor system DR. SWING started building the beat from scratch, and the rappers immediately started writing their own verses. The rappers recorded their verses in the order they were written, and the microphones were relayed to them.

A documentary video of this camp, including the production process, will also be released. This project will be continued as a series in the future, and we hope that you will enjoy this memorable first song, and look forward to seeing what great songs will be created in the next and subsequent editions.

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    Music producer, songwriter and audio engineer. His sophisticated sound production based on his long career and experience as a top-class club DJ in Japan, as well as his vast musical knowledge and sense, has earned him the trust and support of many domestic and international artists, international songwriters, and listeners with whom he has collaborated. His sophisticated sound production based on his long career and experience as one of Japan's top club DJs, as well as his vast musical knowledge and sense, has earned him the trust and support of many domestic and international artists, international songwriters, and listeners. In 2021, he started his own music label "WAVE NRG". He has been producing and releasing international music with a focus on young Japanese RAP artists, which sets him apart from the rest.

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    DR. SWINGの他のリリース
  • Ym3boi

    Born in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture in 2003. Influenced by Chris Brown and Juice Wrld, he started creating music on his own at the age of 14. He is a next-generation Rap artist with a natural sense of melody and straightforward lyricism. He is definitely an artist to watch out for as he is sure to gain overwhelming popularity in the year 2023. Twitter @Ym3boi Instagram @ym3boi_material TikTok @Ym3boi_official SoundCloud Ym3boi

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  • Ja¥Da

    Born in 1999, hip-hop artist from Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Belongs to 404 STUDIO, a creative team based in the Shonan area. He started rapping at the age of 18, and his career as an artist began in earnest when the song "M¥W¥" from his first EP "Mellow¥ellow" released in 2019 became a hit. He performs a variety of genres from TRAP to POP styles and has gained support from a wide range of fans.

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  • D-RAM

    Born in 1998, HIP HOP artist from Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, with a Japanese mother and Ghanaian father. He started freestyle rapping at the age of 18, and at the age of 23, he became a full-fledged member of the creative group "404studio". He writes lyrics, mixing, mastering, and creating music videos for himself and 404studio. With a unique sense of rhythm and the groove created by his distinctive voice, he has made his presence felt in a wide range of genres, especially TRAP.

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  • Jo junior

    A 21-year-old RAP artist from Yokohama, Japan. He spent his childhood in a household where music was played on a daily basis. Inspired by the live performances of his childhood friend MELLMWOR1D, who later became an artist, he started his own artist activities. In March 2023, he released a two-song EP "2L Story," and in June 2023, he released the single "High Brain. In August 2023, he released "Piña Colada," an exhilarating summer song with his childhood friend Jo junior featuring MELLMWOR1D from WAVE NRG, a label led by DR, The song charted on numerous playlists and became a smash hit. With a star power that is hard to believe in just one year of his career, he continues to gain fans every time he performs, especially in his hometown of Yokohama and in Tokyo, and is a promising newcomer whose future activities cannot be taken away from.

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    Born in 2001 in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, he has been active since 2020. With extraordinary potential and star power, he has already gained popularity in the scene with his energetic activities and high quality releases that are hard to believe that his career is only two years old. In 2023, he was selected from 3,457 applicants for the birth of a rap star and won the AREA TRIAL Yokohama qualifying round, where he received positive feedback for his outstanding sense of melody, rap skills, and HIP HOP oriented lyrics. In the spring of 2023, he signed a management contract with WAVE NRG, a label led by DR. SWING, a producer who has worked on numerous major releases. Twitter @MELLMWOR1D Instagram @mellmwor1d_wtf TikTok @mellmwor1d_wtf SoundCloud MELLMWOR1D

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