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Late Summer Tune from IN-KYA in Canada. IN-KYA in Canada has released the summer tune "SYO-NAN SUNRISE" digitally!
The song is a combination of "sparkling sea of Shonan" and "IN-KYA", which seems to be the opposite of each other, with their unique humor, tempo, and sadness.

Summer can't end with any regrets. Let's start answering your unfinished homework!

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  • IN-KYA in Canada

    IN-KYA in Canada is a three-piece dance music band from Niigata formed in 2018 consisting of Kannon on synth/vocals, Rompo on synth bass, and Natsuki on guitar. All members write lyrics and compose music, so each member's musicality is intermingled. The band's debut album "Show Me All" was released in September 2020, followed by the release of "Fender Girl" in November of the same year. In July 2021, they released their first full-length album "TROPOSITE". They have also been arranging music for major artists, and in July 2021, they won the Electric Music Department Roland Remix Hayakawa Hirotaka Award and were included in the "Electric Music Department Best Album - Season.0-", and their talent for music is also gaining external recognition.

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