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Theme Song and Character Song of ASH ARMS (Game).

Fate of Kurenai
Vocal by Sennzai
Written by H.K. tsukimi
Composed by H.K. tsukimi Sennzai
Arranged by H.K.

Vocal Recording Studio: Version Studio (JP)
Vocal Recording Engineer: JUN "C.J.P.S" NISHIKAWA

Special Thanks
M.Noki , Sawaki , Yf. , Dimension Rhythm Studio

Directed, Mixing and Mastering by H.K.
Produced and Presented by Team HEROAR & HKPStudios 2022

Core Music Director & Supervisor:
C.C. - cat of the great

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Fate of Kurenai

iTunes Store • Anime TOP SONGS • United Kingdom • TOP 2 • 27 Apr 2023 Apple Music • Anime Top Songs • New Zealand • TOP 37 • 25 May 2023

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    Team HEROAR Since 2016 and HKPStudios Since 2009. An indie music group lead by CORE MUSIC DIRECTOR & SUPERVISOR : C.C. - cat of the great. Just chilling and creating original music, game music, sometimes Vocaloid music and live band performances. Greetings to wonderful humans and remember, C.C. is watching you!

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