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The year was 1985, and the Slow Band was formed in Tokyo.

With the musical talent of bassist Kawasaki Karisome, the band swept through the 1980s heyday of live music venues such as LIVE INN, Shinjuku Loft, egg man, and Mandala within a year of activity. After that, they signed a contract with a major production company and accelerated their activities towards a major debut, but then they lost momentum due to adult circumstances...

The band members, who went on hiatus in 1989, took what they thought were "masterpieces!" and abused the "feat." method of the Internet music movement to have talented, and hopefully influential, singers sing the songs that fit the songs, creating Re:Born. This project was a shameless attempt to satisfy the creators.

Their second work since resuming activities is the rock number "I Sing" feat. Yuuki Miyashiro.
So that I don't forget the dream I had... I sing.
Overwhelming boredom, obvious weakness, the girl who won't look back, the helplessness after school... dreams usually start like this.

A song written in the 1980s about themselves in the 1970s is remade in 2024... a time paradox masterpiece lol