Magnolia Front Cover



Kanoko Hara, Akiko Akiyama


切り取られた空 見上げている








見せて 物語をきかせて

Blue bird..It’s a blue bird..I’ll find you, blue bird






Blue bird..I’m a blue bird

  • Lyricist

    Kanoko Hara

  • Composer

    Akiko Akiyama

Magnolia Front Cover

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Kanoko Hara, Akiko Akiyama

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    Kanoko Hara, Akiko Akiyama

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    Kanoko Hara, Akiko Akiyama

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    Kanoko Hara, Akiko Akiyama

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    Kanoko Hara, Akiko Akiyama

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    Kanoko Hara, Akiko Akiyama

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    Kanoko Hara, Akiko Akiyama

Original album by singer-songwriter Kanoko Hara and pianist Akiko Akiyama. These songs were created by sharing their sensibilities and expanding their worldview. It is an emotional work that goes beyond the framework of J-POP and freely expresses the inner voice.

Artist Profile

  • Kanoko Hara

    Learned professional ballet dance, drama and started singing Bossa Nova. Playing Bossa Nova guitar was inspired her to make original music. The 1st album "deep blue" was released in 2008 by Toru Hashima, and the second album "FLY" was released in September 2011. Released a Bossa nova instructional DVD from Atos in May.In January 2015, the first self-produced 3rd album "My Picture Book" was released by fluca label featuring SEGA "Yakuza 0" as BGM.Resumed live activities while being involved with making a BGM for a TV commercial and sound logos.Released the first Brazilian music work "Love Jobim" with pianist George Nagata on September 2017. It is a collection of gem ballads that can be played simply with a piano and a song. The latest work is "Magnolia", a collaboration original with pianist Akiyama Akiko.

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  • Akiko Akiyama

    In addition to performing and producing original piano music, the company will provide music for TV programs, movies and anime. So far, she has released three piano solo albums, "Rinpu", "Yume" and "Hana Ami". Since 2012, she has provided music for 6 works of SEGA's "Ryuga-gotoku" series and participated in the piano BGM. As the background music for Tokyo MXTV "Healing & Headline News Belgian Edition, Streetcar Landscape", the albums "Rinpu" and "Yume" have been adopted. It has been broadcast for about 3 years since 2013. In 2019, she was in charge of the composition and piano performance of the play and theme song for the film "Monster of Despair" directed by Junya Kotani. His work was selected by the Jury Committee for Animation at the 23 Japan Media Arts Festival. He was nominated for the Best Animated Film Award and the Noburo Ofuji Award at the 74 Mainichi Film Awards. In 2020, with a singer-songwriter Tamaru Yamada and violinist Maiko Nakagaki released a trio album titled "VITANUOVA". Released and distributing many albums as BGM sound source from VML (Vase Publishing Music) Co., Ltd. In 2020, under the title of "Healing BGM Only for You", she started to make pieces for each individual. In 2021, she eleased "Magnolia" with a singer-songwriter Kanoko Hara.

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