1. Parade I
  2. Parade II
  3. Parade III

New works by moshimoss from Yamanashi prefecture in Japan.
Moshimoss is the ambient project by Kosuke Anamizu, who has worked in film scores, TV commercial scores and sound design for various exhibitions.
The 3 song EP "Parade" is the first work in 6 years for moshimoss.
Influences from electronica, post rock, dance music can be heard throughout the compositions, balanced with a simplistic, yet emotional approach to modern classical music.
Guest musicians include ASA-CHANG & Junray, members from TRIORA and violinist Anzu Suhara; known as a support musician for artists like Hikaru Utada and Naotaro Moriyama.
Mastered by Gen Tanabe at Studio Camel House in Yamanashi.
Artwork is by photographer Shuhei Yoshida.
A full-length album is also planned for release by the end of the year.


Previously known as Kosuke Anamizu (creating minimal house and dub with labels Traum Schallplatten in Germany, and Mule Electronic in Japan), Moshimoss now works internationally to create deep ephemeral soundscape works. Moshimoss does not perform in lives so much, but has previously appeared in several music festivals, such as Fuji Rock Festival, EMAF TOKYO, and Natural High 2015.

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