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"Love In The Mirror"は1st EP "KEI_HAYASH1"のリリースから約4か月ぶりとなる新曲。アレンジまで本人が手掛けた今作は、イントロのギターリフから既に疾走感と爽快感に溢れるトラックとなっている。グルーヴィーでダンサブルなビート感に乗った伸びやかなボーカルとコーラスワークはファンクネスを感じさせる。まさにドライブにピッタリの一曲に仕上がった夏のポップ・チューン。

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Love In The Mirror

Spotify • Drive Loud!: ドライブ・ラウド • 21 Mar 2021 Spotify • 都会の空と音楽と • 19 Jan 2021 Spotify • City Pop: シティ・ポップの今 • 19 Aug 2020 Spotify • Soul Music Japan • 19 Aug 2020 Spotify • ブルーにこんがらがって • 19 Aug 2020 Apple Music • New Music Daily • 21 Aug 2020 Spotify • 最Hit東洋榜 • 21 Aug 2020 Spotify • New Music Wednesday • 19 Aug 2020

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  • K E I_H A Y A S H I

    K E I_H A Y A S H I was born in Hokkaido, May 13, 1990. He is a singer-songwriter. His band had been actively performing on live stages when he was a student in Sapporo, where he grew up. After moving to Tokyo, he has been a supporting musician to various artists. K E I, as a creator, has been producing TV commercial songs, movie themes, game songs, etc. and has also been writing songs for major artists. After many years of behind the scenes experience as a musician, he realizes that "to send a certain message through music it can only be done on your own" and so he decides to step into the limelight himself as a front-man singer. His first track "Enough Love" was released on May 2019. His latest release "Wasurechaou" ranked in the Apple Music "J-POP Top Song" chart in more than 30 countries around the world. His songs have also been selected on numerous official playlists such as "Early Noise Japan", "Soul Music Japan" and more on Spotify and other major streaming services. Since his debut in 2019, he has been actively performing shows in different areas mainly in Tokyo and Osaka. He performed as an opening act for AI and SIRUP at a music event held at ZEPP SAPPORO in 2020 and following year, for Original Love and Anna Takeuchi at "Tokyo Music Cruise 2021" - one of the biggest FUNK, SOUL, JAZZ live event. He currently hosts his own radio show "KEI_HAYASHI's All That Jam", broadcasted every thursday night from 11pm on FM NORTH WAVE. Stay tuned for more to come!!

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