The Human Chair / The Conjurer

  1. Night Dream is the Truth
  2. Seeing Off in Morning
  3. Purple Dream
  4. A Lounge Chair
  5. Love in Chair
  6. Second Letter
  7. Fear of Handkerchief
  8. Magician Show Hut
  9. Boat on the Lake
  10. Ghost Communication
  11. Guillotine the Clock Hands
  12. Magician Magic
  13. Goodbye, Kogoro Akechi
  14. Forget About Me
  15. The Great Detective
  16. Gentleman's Jewelry
  17. Daughters, Taeko and Fumiyo

An original song collection by jazz pianist Keiichi Hashimoto, written for the 11th "The Human Chair/The Conjurer"(Ranpo Edogawa) of the Gokujo Bungaku series, which is a Recitation that started in 2011. Played on the solo piano.

Keiichi Hashimoto

Keiichi Hashimoto is a professional jazz pianist born in Sapporo. Since 1979, he has moved the base of his activities to Tokyo. He has appeared in many jazz clubs such as Shinjuku PIT INN. He also write and compose live performances and compositions in the unit with Brother Tom, and also produce theatrical music such as "GOKUJO BUNGAKU" series.

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