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gb's 2nd Single "SUNDAY" ranked 20th in Spotify Viral Chart dispite being a new commer.
His anticipated 5th Single "MONDAY" is a song about how people feel and think about mondy, the first day of one week

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iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 144 • 4 Sep 2019

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Spotify • +81 Connect:J-Hiphopの「今」と「その先」 • 5 Sep 2019 Spotify • New Music Wednesday • 5 Sep 2019 Spotify • Spotify Japan 急上昇チャート • 5 Sep 2019

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    gb Place/Country of birth: Tokyo, Japan Nationality: Japan Date of birth(Y/M/D):1988/10/25 The son of MrGeorge Brown of the world-famous American Kool & the Gang Part:Vocal/Rap Label: Crown Music/Point After/SiVA Music Career: Made his first major debut from Crown music in 2008 as a member of "The New Classics". On 2012 became the member of "0TU1" and performed world wide, such as Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and the United States. Also known as a composer and a solo artist. gb is the explosive popularity of Spotify and iTunes. instagram: Facebook: Twitter: music distribution site:

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