Monochrome Light (feat. Atsushi Yoshimoto)

  1. Monochrome Light (feat. Atsushi Yoshimoto)

Monochrome Light feat. Atsushi Yoshimoto from Wa Yo Set
A Tokyo based trumpeter Suzuki"Charanpetter"Atsushi. The 4th single "Monochrome Light", which will be released this time, is all the same as the previous works, produced by recording at home.
Until now, we have mainly been performing live activities, but now we can not perform live satisfactorily because of the influence of coronavirus. As a way to create a new bond between artists and listeners, we can feel the possibility of performing artist activities in the new normal.
Featuring artists work with artists who have close relationships with them, and they value the bonds between artists.

Suzuki "Charanpetter" Atsushi

Japanese Trumpet Flugelhorn Player

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