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The first solo work as a guitarist / composer ichi_yo.
Includes 3 original songs written down with the melody of the "lights" of each town that I felt while going back and forth between my hometown of Shinshu (Nagano) and Tokyo.
In addition to his own performance, KOHKI, who was in charge of producing the sound of this work, and Makoto Kobayashi, the guitar teacher, etc.
Featuring performances by guest players, it is a work that extrudes one side as a composer.

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Light to Light

iTunes Store • Alternative TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 18 • 28 Sep 2020 Apple Music • Alternative Top Albums • Thailand • TOP 143 • 19 Jan 2021

Artist Profile

  • ichi_yo

    Composer, arranger, guitarist. Studied under Kenji Kitajima, Yoshiaki Imahori, Makoto Kobayashi and others. Awakened to music under the influence of 15-year-old Queen. While studying classical guitar while in college, he also studied conducting, arrangement, and music theory. In 2015, he moved his activity base to Tokyo and appeared in "Niko Niko Chokaigi" for the second consecutive year. Participated in the creator band "Kagurazaka Konzeri" and released the 1st album "NOBLESSE OBLIGE". He is in charge of providing songs for corporate promotional videos and music for the movie "Boku to Otouto". September 28, 2020 Released the first solo work "Light to Light"!

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