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In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the "Society for Beautifying Japan," this song was composed from the words of many people.
The theme of the song is to enrich the mind and the earth through cleaning.
The dramatic, grandiose sound and crystal-clear voice of the singer will move you to listen to the song and cherish the "now" in your life.

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    A singer-songwriter from JAPAN. Since he was a child, he visited countries around the world, came into contact with different cultures, and was influenced by various music. The Great East Japan Earthquake that struck my hometown drastically changed the musicality, and the Great Nepal Earthquake that occurred in 2015 changed the foundation of my activities. Since 2016, we have been holding a charity festival "HIKARI SONG GIFT" that delivers Hikari and music to Nepal. Appearing on the popular national program "Namaste TV", in which he appeared as a guest, made him popular and well-known in Nepal. The response has reached the domestic market, with the special feature being broadcast extensively on NHK in 2019 and 2020. From 2021, a collaboration live with international students and a collaboration project to support restaurants will start. With the transparent and powerful singing voice cultivated by learning Indian vocal music, he is cuddling up to the present and enhancing himself while inspiring.

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