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The rain that pours down on the inferiority complex so that you can laugh at it and say, "It's not so bad--"

Your complexes and feelings of depression will someday become seeds for a blooming future...
"Ame ni Sakaseba (Bloomin' in the Rain)" is ZETTAI CHU-KAKU's 10th single, expressing such a message.
The clear vocals, fast-moving guitars and bass, and open and extended strings and piano create a fresh and pleasant sound.
The refreshing and pleasant sound of the song is a must-hear.
This is a song to listen to when you want to be positive and encourage yourself.

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    The band that expresses "cool x nostalgic x emo" with the motto "memorable music". Started activities in Tokyo in 2010. After 10 years of anime song cover activities, distribution of original songs will start in 2020. It has attracted attention by publishing unique and catchy songs that depict the extraordinary in everyday life on online media such as YouTube and music distribution stores, and is supported by a wide range of music fans. Feb 5, 2022 First album "absolute node" released. September 23, 2023 1st live "Glad to meet you" held Mar 23, 2024 12th single "Time Capsule" released. Lyrics & Vocal: Awo / Bass: MARUHASHI / Lyrics & Music: Shoichi IKEDA

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