Iwakanwotonae owarinochaimeganarumaeni

  2. Bye bye.me
  3. Gohst Rider
  4. Aijou symposium
  5. BETA
  6. Eienno haguruma
  7. Hangakuno karera
  8. Time machine ha iranai

A sharp sound make-up that has been polished and more refined by the Masirito section in the song, poetry, guitar of Sei Indo (Vo / Gu). The tour with "Chaos Dragon Rising" and "TERROR SQUAD", which Japan boasts at the time of the previous release, did so, and you can feel a dramatic view of the world from a dramatic resident rather than a fantasy resident. While the song is more toxic, it gives a sense of exhilaration, and the over-poisoned song world also emits its own unique taste. The more you listen, the more addicting you feel, and the more you listen to the melody. Following previous work
HESOMOGE (http://hesomoge.com/) is in charge of the artwork, but all the 20P booklets are inspired by music and lyrics.

Like the 3rd album, it is one that should be re-evaluated now.


In 1999, formed in Nerima, a local, with his childhood friends, Yoshito Susumu (Vo, Gt) and Kawasu (Ba). Joined Daisuke Ishikawa (Dr) from the 4th Album "Before the bells of the end of the awkward chanting ring" released in 2008. After 8 years of charging period, 2017 activities resume. Evil riffworks and contrastive popular song sense, literary works and poem poetry is highly dependent on people who travel between fantasy and real.

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