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  • Kenji kurushima

    Guitar technique started from elementary school, sense of talk that was born and raised in the sacred place of laughter "Osaka", pop feeling that although it is affected by JAZZ and BLUES I still love "middle". The artist "Kurushima Kenji" guitar who brings them and laughs at applause, applause, and even tears awakens from Hard Rock and plays until JAZZ, RAG TIME BLUES in front of 20 years old. There are many fans even in the same guitar player in its unique style. Besides, the Kansai people are talking about talking about their tongues and being live is so-called "guitar conversation (?)". Although such a song that he spun out is a character to be loved just as being positive and pleasant, he picks up sadness, anger and regret in everyone from everyday and calls for sympathy of the listener. Kurushima world addiction is inevitable, it is a singer-songwriter of caution needed.

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