KRUMP (feat. Kaoru Suzuki) Front Cover

KRUMP (feat. Kaoru Suzuki)

inspi+, Sayuri Kusanagi & Yoshiro Makimoto

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Vocalist Sayuri Kusanagi borrowed a DVD one day from Kaworu Suzuki, who participated as a guest drummer, and said, ``I definitely want you to see it.'' That was "RIZE".

This is a documentary film based on the dance krump, and it is a film that truly shows the connection between the personal and dance.

I was already aware of Krump, but as soon as I started watching the movie, I felt like I was shocking.

Music for me is a struggle and a way to live.

"Krump for me is music."

With this in mind, I started drawing the jacket right after I finished watching the movie, and it took about a year to complete the song with Makimoto.

It is a song that depicts the inner child with black humor, and affirms one's current state while being ironic.

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