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The 10th cover single by Japanese, Kyoto singer-songwriter Yugo Ogura.
Singer-songwriter Eito was born in 1998 in Yokohama, Kanagawa.
This song "Perfume" has become a hot topic centered around Tik Tok, and is attracting attention in the younger generation.

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    Yugo Ogura is a Japanese singer-songwriter. He does most of the recording himself and his live style is basically in a band. In 2021, he released monthly singles and MVs, and most of the released MVs are ranked in the iTunes TOP10 and some songs are ranked in the TOP3. May 20, 2018 Held a one-man live from the album "Highway" record at ROHM Theater Kyoto. June 30, 2019 On the same day, a free outdoor one-man live from the record "After Everything Has Collapsed" will be held at ROHM Theater Kyoto Outdoor Square. January 2020 Held a one-man performance with a gorgeous orchestra "Christmas unplug drive playing in Reiwa" at Kyoto Rag. He is involved in music festivals in Kyoto as a member of the Kyoto tour festival executive committee.

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