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The full story of "CEO Cat Center"...! It is the latest addictive Japanese pop dance music by YUC'e, who handles everything from writing lyrics, composing and arranging music to singing, mixing and mastering all by herself.

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Welcome to CEO Cat Center

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Welcome to CEO Cat Center

iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Brunei Darussalam • TOP 3 • 6 May 2024 iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 17 • 1 Mar 2024


iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Brunei Darussalam • TOP 2 • 6 May 2024

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Welcome to CEO Cat Center

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  • YUC'e

    YUC'e is a legendary Japanese Tokyo-based singer-songwriter-producer who is known for her future bass releases [Night Club Junkie], [Future Cαndy], [macaron moon], and more. She released her first self-distributed album [Future Cαke] in 2016, and topped the Spotify viral charts and iTunes electronic charts around the world with her title song "Future Cαke". Since then, she has toured in the US in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Malaysia as part of OTAQUEST LIVE, ANIME EXPO, ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA, and Comic Fiesta. In addition to self-released works, she has also produced and wrote the lyrics for many popular projects such as virtual singer YuNi, Lupin THE THIRD, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Carole & Tuesday, Hololive ID, Nijisanji, Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!, DENONBU, and collaborated with artists such as Snail's House, Dean Fujioka, Moeshop, and m-flo. She hopes to continue spreading her music to fans across the world!

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