1. Capter 1 around the sea
  2. GINGA YAKOU (Morin khuur Ver.)
  3. The waxing of the moon
  4. Moon over the Ruined Castle
  5. GINGA YAKOU (Vocal Ver.)
  6. A wolf of Arctic
  7. Wish of the magnolia


I have always dreamed
to travel where I'm not.

I can ship anywhere without being scared in the world of imagination.
The moon lightens the ship softly on the sea.
The light shines my body.
Until I can fall asleep.

Being someone from the past.
Thinking of the story that has already been written.

Being a wolf in the farthest end of arctic.
Running in the snowfield with heart full of loneliness.

Who am I looking for?
Where is this repeating journey of imagination heading for?
Who am I?

Now, I am standing rooted on the hill.
Watching the sky, the trees, the ocean far away.
I sure there is a ticket in my pocket.


Miho composes music while being inspired by nature, travel and stories. She participates in music such as movies, games and animation as a morin khuur player. She has performed in China, Mongolia, Taiwan, Switzerland and all over Japan. And also, she teaches Morin Khuur at Tokyo College of Music as a lecturer.

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