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"KIMI(to make your world a better place) " is the highly anticipated second single from "MoadEdge", a cutting-edge music collective based in Tokyo that debuted in April 2024. This track features "SHINJIRO", the vocalist of the new-generation band "BESPER", known for their influences from City-pop, AOR, and Urban Soul. SHINJIRO's sweet and melancholic voice whispers and expansively blends with MoadEdge's distinctive sound. The song captures the essence of facing various societal contradictions and feelings of loneliness without losing oneself, expressing hope and nobility in continually being a new self. It resonates deeply with listeners, offering a message of resilience and self-discovery. From the quietly dramatic and spacey synth with an ethereal, effect-laden intro to the striking, concise analog-mode guitar riff and lively, catchy synth-pop-like riff that leads, the track is driven by a tight, rhythmic drum and bass that uniquely incorporates elements of hip-hop, contemporary R&B, and alternative genres. The dynamic main chorus resounds with a divine hope for the future, creating MoadEdge's signature groove, which is cool yet passionate. Following the unique floating sound production of their debut single "KonPeiTo(released April 2024)", this track aims to pioneer a new frontier in Japanese pop culture, a sound they call "Planetary Groove", captivating listeners beyond the confines of J-pop. Keep an eye on their future endeavors; they are sure to continue captivating their audience. (Note: "KIMI" means "you" in Japanese.)

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  • MoadEdge

    MoadEdge, a cutting-edge music collective composed of DJ, trackmaker, sound engineer, moviemaker, creativedirector, and producer, debuted in April 2024. Based in Tokyo, Japan, MoadEdge creates unique and innovative sounds by blending vibrant harmonies from various genres, including J-pop, Hiphop, R&B, Soul, Electro, and Alternative, while breaking free from conventional genre definitions and musical boundaries. They are set to transmit next-generation street culture from Tokyo to the world.

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