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Light My Fire


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A quiet moment. It's lively only on my mind.
My mind is overflowing with happiness, and stay comfortable.
Love is also overflowing.
I don't need to choose. It's up to you.
May you be content with yourself just the way you are.
A lot of things were given after I threw them away.

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    Japan based MC, beat maker, producer. Making various music. 2016 MICHIO"D.O.G", "Who Cares?" 2017 夢の行方 prod.MICHIO (DEJI "草莽の人"), HALFCOAT & MICHIO "Re: hello tape", MICHIO "delay this night 2 us" 2018 パッチアート feat.MICHIO, Lilac, RADAx39 / Talika feat.MICHIO / Chilo Street Blues feat.japonica bambaataa 81, MICHIO, BABA DA MOODS, RADAx39, R.I.C aka RX, 惟宗 & ELLY / Local 2 Local feat.CULT, noMla, R.I.C aka RX, KK, MICHIO & RADAx39 (DJ A "Local Connection), Awakenings (Yasu-Pachino presents "Spinaball vol.1") 2019 ある種のはなし (Some Kind of Rappin) feat. UNDEE & MICHIO (Cooki3 & Ohtoro "KAZUTORO")

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