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He does not disappoint.
The third continuous distribution project by microphone junkie [Natural H] is party tune!
This song declares his unwavering message and style of music lovers.

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Microphone Junkie

iTunes Store • Reggae TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 21 Apr 2021

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  • Natural Habitat

    "Natural Habitat" a.k.a "Natural H" . He has been active mainly in his hometown of Yokohama, including live performances in collaboration with many bands and singers. Even before the release, his husky high-tone voice on a simple track attracted a lot of attention. The 1st Mini Album "Song of Natural" was released in early summer 2014. The new band style "Natural H & Natural Band" released the full album "Song of Life" in 2016. He creates a natural world view with a band style and a guitar everywhere. He transcended the reggae surf pop genre. Sending a pleasant message on original natural music, he is active in various places.

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