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iTunes Store • World TOP ALBUMS • United States • TOP 21 • 27 Nov 2023 Apple Music • World Top Albums • Taiwan • TOP 81 • 17 Oct 2023 Apple Music • World Top Albums • Ireland • TOP 121 • 16 May 2024


iTunes Store • World TOP SONGS • France • TOP 6 • 1 May 2024

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  • ASKA Japanese Drum Troupe

    Formed in 1990 by Daigoro Aska, Japanese Drum Troupe ASKA is a [taiko drum] troupe which appears on stage both in Japan and overseas. Fusing the power of the TAIKO drum with the grace of Japanese dance, the players create stage pieces which encourage a fresh discovery of the Japanese esthetic. As well as solos on the giant drum ,powerful drum ensembles and rhythmical drum-kit solos,their performance incorporate music from SHAKUHACHI and SHINOBUE and synthesizer, and elements of KABUKI, NHO and KYOGEN theater. Each work formal beauty and dashing display nevertheless leave room for ample expression of the Japanese soul. Here is the universal language of music and performance suitable for audiences of all ages.

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