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The Prayer of Shingen Sakura

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This recording, made in March 2020, was a miraculous success achieved just before the global onset of the coronavirus pandemic.
If Shingen Sakura blossomed a week later, the music would never take form - the thought fills my heart with wonder.

In hope of an early containment of the pandemic, I asked Chief Priest Koda of Mt.Fuji main shrine Sengen taisha, the majestic and
powerful shrine devoted to the worship of Mount Fuji, to offer a word of encouragement to the people in the world.
The priest most generously agreed to my request and offered the message at the beginning of the video"The Prayer of Shingen Sakura" .
I am deeply indebted for his kindness.
Mt.Fuji main shrine Sengen Taisha has been worshipped by generations of warlords. Among them, the most devoted worshipers were
Yoritomo Minamoto, Yoshitoki Hojo, Shingen Takeda and his son, Katsuyori, and Ieyasu Tokunaga.
The shrine keeps a letter of plea and other offerings by the generations of Takeda family. Once such offering is the weeping cherry
nicknamed Shingen Sakura, as it is said to have been planted by Shingen Takeda.

As the spring is in its prime, Shingen Sakura stood against the backdrop of the stunningly beautiful blue sky. As if in prayer for the
healing and peace of the world, the tree burst into song. The gentleand limitless flow of music sounded like a message that brings
smile and inner peace to all visitors to the shrine, whether they came to pray or to admire flowers. If the lords of the past who
survived the tumultuous period happen to visit here now, they might become speechless with emotions at the sight of peace
prevailing in the future. Once again, I would like to extend my gratitude to the Chief Priest Koda, Gonguji, Gonnegi, and all other staff
at Mt.Fuji main shrine Sengentaisha Shrine.
I pray that the song reaches as many people as possible.

*Shingen Sakura refers to the weeping cherry personally planted by Lord Shingen Takeda, a renowned warlord during the Warring States period.

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The Prayer of Shingen Sakura

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    Our unit "AOIHOSHI" provides works created in collaboration with nature as a "Flower messenger" cooperating with Keita Kawasaki, a flower artist. Bioelectric current as a source of all life! It's been five years since we came across an instrument to transform bioelectric current into musical scale. Melodies heard from the instrument were free and gentle we have never heard before, exactly expressing nature. Visiting various forests across the country, we have started to play with various plants. Playing with plants at each forest is actually once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Focusing just on sounds of each other with tacitly coordinated arrangement, we play music keeping our minds empty. Then, next thing we knew was a pleasure of "oneness" itself. While it may not be so long before it is scientifically verified, we believe that music created in that way will lead many people to nature and profound comfort as well.

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