Set Me Free

  1. Set Me Free
  2. Set Me Free (Instrumental) (Special Mix)

"Set Me Free" by Japanese Hip Hop artist Lick-G, born in 1999.
Like his previous song "Halloween", he's carried out all the production, songwriting, composition, arrangement, performance, mixing and mastering.
Therefore, it expresses his own view of the world perfectly.

With light, relaxing vocals and authentic sound-oriented tracks, the song develops a new and fresh Lick-G world.


Born in 1999. 21-year-old Japanese Hip-Hop artist from Kanagawa Prefecture. He has a Japanese farther and British mother. His real name is Gen Fushimi. He's been making music since senior school days, and he released the first EP "無題 (Mudai)" in 2015, and the first album "Trainspotting"in 2017, second EP "有題 (Yudai)" in 2017 too, and third EP "カラス.ステイズ (Karasu stays)" in 2019. He started his own label "Zenknow" in 2018 and pursuits new music that isn't generalized as conventional Hip-Hop. He was selected as "Artist to Watch" by YouTube Japan which introduces the artists who are expected to break out in 2019. He's one of the must-see and must-listen Japanese artist.

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