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A version of the sound source of "Anone," released in November, with an arrangement and a phrase by lead vocalist Bridget Mayu in the intro part.
You should be moved by the voice of Bridget Mayu.
A gem of a love song ballad that describes the feelings of dreaming of a future with a loved one because of the various anxieties of "because of this era."
It's a song that I want you to listen to with your loved ones in mind.

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  • Nagie Lane

    Formed in 2018. They are a Neo city pop band with no musical instruments, configured with rei, mayu, mikako, baratti, keiji, and euro. They are becoming the new face of an a cappella group in the 21st Century, managing to produce the fusion of neo citypop and dance music by using ONLY the "a cappella sound" to be one of the biggest a cappella bands of their generation. Nagie Lane have also been on a popular Japanese TV music show "Kanjamu kanzen nenshow" on 2021.04. , introduced as a "new generation of an a cappella group". Last year, they released their first debut album "Interview", on 2021.09.22 from FORLIFE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, INC.

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