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The Rest of Me

Another Story

Nobody taught me how to live my life

I know I couldn’t be good at it

But I have tried

I have tried to feel

Feel all the blessings in myself

All the precious things I’ve lost

Slipped away, gone away

I don’t count them anymore

I tried to leave the past behind me

Another day to flee

I remember all the things I ever wanted to become

I remember all the places I always pictured in my mind

Somebody told me how to cry

When I was drowning in anger

When I was doubting every inch of this whole wide world

Don’t remember who that was

I let it go, let it go

Still standing as me today

With some kind of hope in my mind

Another day to fight

No, I don’t wanna go

I just wanna say

The rest of me

I’ll give it all to you

The rest of me

Tell me why, tell me why / I don’t know

Let it go, let it go / yeah, I know

May be gone, may be done

But this is everything I stood up for my

Everyday, every night / I hold on

Another way, another life / I go on

May be gone, may be done

But I am taking another step forward now

The rest of me

I’ll give it all to you

The rest of me

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ghost noteのジャケット写真

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  • Another Story

    SUMMERSONICやPUNKSPRINGといった大型フェス出演や、アメリカ・中国ツアーなど国内外を問わず精力的に活動。 それぞれバンドキャリアを持つメンバーを迎え2022年4月30日に行われた新体制最初のライブとなるワンマン公演はチケット即日完売という形でスタートを切る。 現在はNew EP「ghost note」を引っ提げ全国12ヵ所をワンマンで行脚。 同期間中にはさらに5ヵ月連続でのシングルリリースも控える。


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