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After time has passed since the release of 1st Full Album "B1", ID's NEW PROJECT has started, which has further evolved and stands out!
ID's unique, freely changing flow moves up and down on a borderless, rhythmic beat that perfectly combines different music genres such as HIPHOP, HOUSE, and Dance music.
Although the poetic lines and sophisticated rhyme scheme are noteworthy, what is even more noteworthy is the fluid how to RAP is pronounced, with an emphasis on being danceable. In other words, due to the pronunciation of Japanese, which is similar to English, the lyrics do not become an obstacle to ``dancing'', and the technique is so elaborate that the sounds naturally sink into your whole body.
We want you to fully experience this piece de resistance that deviates from the common sense of the music industry.

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    Born in Kochi Prefecture of Japan. 192cm.85kg. Hip hop artist/model. He started his music career around 2015. His unique rap style, which transcends genres and time and is unbound by conventional theories, emanates from his musical sense and worldview that he has cultivated since childhood, and has quickly become a RAPSTAR in the hip-hop scene. Become. On the other hand, he has also participated in numerous MC battles, and has won the largest MC battle tournament in Japan with his completely improvised yet highly original and complete freestyles, as well as his unique character and overwhelming presence. His name quickly became known throughout the country by winning the "Sengoku MC BATLLE", and he was selected as the third monster of TV Asahi's "Freestyle Dungeon". He has established himself as a hip-hop star for the next generation, both in terms of his popularity and ability. Since then, he has continued to expand his activities, including modeling for an apparel brand and appearing regularly on TV Asahi's "Freestyle Teacher," which is currently being broadcast. As for his sound source works, he has released his 1st EP "instant dope EP'" in 2018, and as a creator led by himself in 2019. The 1st album ``INSTANT DOPE 10000ft'' produced by the team ``NhotL (National Hotline)'' has been an unusual long-seller not only on distribution and streaming but also on the disc version. While his attention is at its peak, in 2022 he will release his first full-length album "B1", which took two years to produce, and the album was nominated for the "APPLE VINEGER-Music Award-2023". His musicality has come to be highly praised.

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