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A love ballad produced by Kensaku for his fans on Christmas Day 2023.
As he tries to write lyrics related to "Christmas" but is at a loss for words, he watches an interview with a bride who has been told she has a certain amount of time left to live.
There, he was inspired to write the lyrics when he heard the words of a casual conversation and how being able to wake up in the morning and eat a meal together makes him feel so happy.
The reason why I couldn't write lyrics related to "Christmas" is that for the people I really care about, being able to meet them alive and spending all of that time is more important than a "special day," so I decided to write the lyrics for a special day. I know there were no words.

"Engage" is a song that expresses gratitude and a message for being able to meet someone who makes you feel that way.

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Kensaku Kishida