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Original song by voice actor Sally (Sayori Iwamoto)
2nd Original song "La la Sakura"

Vocal by Sally
Music by Sachiko Onuki (HALIFANIE, Stefanie)
MIx&Mastering by 99
Lyrics written by Sallypop
Music video by Ogacha
Illustration by Animation Koubou.

Key Mayuko Kishi (madrone avenue)
Gt Hideto Goto (kinmokusei)
Dr Tomohiro Harigae (HALIFANIE,kinmokusei)
Cho&Per Sachiko Onuki (HALIFANIE,Stefanie)

Holiday music that fits the cherry blossom season.
So that you can take a positive step towards a new life.

The label name "Blooming City Girl" is the theme of my project.
I create music and audio works to send to "you" somewhere in this city.

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Blooming City Girl