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00s-style Japanese City Pop Hidden Gem: Liga Oriente's 'Kioku-no-Suna' Re-released as a "Now" Track after 20 Years on Subscription Services!

Known as a "legendary album", the Japanese City Pop compilation 'FLAVOR IN THE AIR' fetches high prices in the secondhand market. Within this album released by TOWER RECORDS (bounce label) in 2003, one particular track stood out among the so-called "Shibuya-kei" DJs of that time, and that was Liga Oriente's 'Kioku-no-Suna'.

Remastered by Liga Oriente's sound creator, Fujimoto, and accompanied by beautiful artwork from the up-and-coming visual artist/photographer Yuki Ishibashi, this track is resurrected as a new piece for the modern era of 2023.

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  • Liga Oriente

    Liga Oriente is a unit formed by singer/lyricist Nawo Okushima and composer/sound creator Fujimoto. Influenced by various music genres such as Brazilian music, Jazz, Movie Soundtracks, 1970s Soul, they create uniquely sharp and beautiful yet universal tracks.

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