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A new project centered around Itsuka (Charisma. com) [Dadada! This is the fourth installment! The previous album was a dance number that charted on many playlists and attracted a lot of attention, and three months after its release, the fourth new song "nobody worship" has been released!
Dadada! In addition to "Itsuka (Charisma. com)," "New K (FUNLETTERS)" and "Yuki Narita" are up-and-coming filmmakers who have worked on a number of video works. They are a collective of creators led by Yuki Narita, an up-and-coming filmmaker who has produced numerous video works. Dancers participate in each video, and the music and video are released on SNS.

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nobody worship

iTunes Store • Dance TOP SONGS • Malaysia • TOP 5 • 25 May 2022 iTunes Store • Dance TOP SONGS • Netherlands • TOP 48 • 28 Dec 2022 iTunes Store • Dance TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 55 • 19 Jan 2022

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nobody worship

Apple Music • New in Dance • 21 Jan 2022 Apple Music • Errday • 7 Mar 2022

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