LIVE or DIE ~chinuni~

  1. MONOLOGUE (2019Ver.)
  2. Troymailaime (2019Ver.)
  3. The Fight Fight Song (2019Ver.)
  4. Infantry dystopia (2019Ver.)
  6. ROMANTICISM (2019Ver.)
  7. Aoharu (2019Ver.)
  8. FAIRY TALE FANTASY (2019Ver.)
  9. YandeRequiem (2019Ver.)
  10. Tokobana (2019Ver.)
  11. Philia Philia (2019Ver.)
  12. ShitEndPlacebo (2019Ver.)
  13. Kimi omoi hana chirinu (2019Ver.)
  14. Sekirara ra riot (2019Ver.)
  15. Selfish Neo Hominina (2019Ver.)
  16. Omoiuta (2019Ver.)

Zenbukiminoseida. Rerecording Album "LIVE or DIE~chinuni~"


"zenbu kimi no seida" as refer to "Blame everything on you" which contains fives girls "kisaragimegumi, mashiro,Hitomiyotsu,nagiakebono,yukinojouoyatus" in the name of Morbidly Cute. They may like to offer feelings in darkside Which dwells on anyone's inside to show In their kawaii but vonomy-anarchy way.(changeable)

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