Front Cover


  1. Starlights
  2. Why Don't You See?
  3. Sky for the Pegasus
  4. Pure Mind
  5. For Mother
  6. Summer Days
  7. Flower
  8. Music Box
  9. The Wings
  10. For You
  11. Heal
  12. Truthful, Free, and Beautiful...
  13. Without Waiting for the Spring Breeze...
  14. Sleepy
  15. Starlights (E.Piano Ver.)
  16. Fanfare

In my music, there is not only one correct way of expressing something.
I want to compose for true compassionate for those around one.

Nobuya Kobori

Nobuya Kobori He composes all kinds of music. He plays piano music. He sings English or Japanese songs. He writes English or Japanese lyrics. He controls DJ turntables. He produces all kinds of musicians and he collaborates with all nations of them. Please go to the links, and listen his music. Nobuya Kobori Website Mail

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