1. Harubiyori

4th single of khaki's with warm spring sunshine and cat theme.The songs and performances like works of the 70's singer-songwriter and the fresh singing voice of Eri Fujimoto's vocals are fascinating.And the featured saxophone by Yuya Ichikawa brings music to life.


khaki's, a Japanese city pop band which was formed in 2017. The style of this band is mainly influenced by 80's city pop, it has include the elements of Soul / R&B, Rock and Modern music with Nostalgic. Also, pay attention to the vocals, Eri Fujimoto, who makes you addict to once you listen to her singing voice. Lively activities in Tokyo live houses and clubs. Their debut single, "Tokyo Midnight" is created in the image of midnight Shibuya, will be available in each subscription media in August 2019. And 2nd single, "Hajimari no uta" has been selected for the Spotify official playlist and is still being distributed.

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