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A solo project of vocalist U-to for Most Lady Killer.
1st Digital Single Syabon is a music incorporating Japanese sound and became a broken heart song for women.
In addition, this song is also decided to be posted on AINZ & TULPE Shinjuku East Exit Multivision.
It became U-to's first worldwide distribution music.

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  • U-to

    Most Lady Killer's vocal U-to solo project. In July 2018, released Most Lady Killer's Distance as a self-cover with a limited-edition song. Solo performances that cannot be done by a band. Memory will be released on CD on December 12, 2018, and will be the ending theme song for the TV Asahi series, YTS Yamagata TV "YTS Special We Soba-dokoro Otsudane-This One Item". In July 2019, we released Shabon, which incorporates Japanese elements. This is a video created in collaboration with mysta Inc. at AINZ & TULPE Shinjuku Higashi Shinjuku Multivision. And in September 2021, the 2nd Single Flower was released. Flower was selected as the ending theme song for the TV Asahi series YTS Yamagata TV YTS Special "Midsummer Gorioshi! Yamagata Cold Gourmet Tour" broadcast on Wednesday, July 21, 2021.

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